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Vokul® VK-205 Matte Bull Wheel Kick Scooter Black

 Vokul® VK-205 Portable Folding Adult Matte Black Bull Wheel Kick Scooter Buy Now on Amazon.com

Vokul® VK-205 Portable Folding Adult Matte Black Bull Wheel Kick Scooter was listed on Amazon for $109.99, selling for $149.99 USD brand new. Manufactured by Vokul. There are 2 units left brand new.

Some great features of this product include:

  • Lightweight premium Scooter of 4 kgs made of high quality aluminium alloy.
  • The VK-205 Matte Black scooter can bear huge carrying capacity up to 100 KG (220 lbs).
  • Lower 88mm(3.46 inches) lengthened board,luxurious fixed grip sleeve,adjustable heights.
  • Easy assembly,easy folding,easy carrying.
  • Giant 205 mm (8.07 inches) anti-abrasive and shock-absorbing wheels with ABEC 5 chroms.

Vokul® VK-205 Portable Folding Adult Bull Wheel Kick Scooter.

Devoted to designing an durable and reliable Scooter securely fitted to all types of desks, beds, and other surfaces.
Vokul® is mainly engaged in the distribution of the high quality products of many outdoor sports work in the whole world.

Good to Know:
This foldable VK-205 Matte Black scooter is made of high quality aluminium alloy.Matte Black color is of the seasoned trend.It can bear huge carrying capacity up to 100 KG (220 lbs).The Steering is equipped with soft hand grips and is adjustable for height.

Our scooter has giant 205 mm (8.07 inches) wheels .This kind of wheels are anti-abrasive and shock-absorbing and allow for a faster,safer and a smoother ride for improved balance and stability .The wheels also have ABEC 5 chroms.Wheels are handled by fender/spray protection.The Foot board with non-slip-tape offers always good grip for the driver.

Luxurious fixed grip sleeve makes great safety for riders.Lower 88mm(3.46 inches) lengthened board gives riders a more free riding.Also the Foot board is lowered and thereby prevents effectively from fatigue of the legs.The comfortable folding mechanism which avoids injuries to fingers.These are quite useful but rare features for that kind of scooter.

Age recommendation: above 7 years old.
Max assembly size:800x350x1035mm.
Carrying capacity:up to 100 KG (220 lbs).
Foot board Size: 620 x 170 mm (approx).
Foot board level: 85 mm (approx).
Steering wheel height: 800- 1040 mm (approx).
Weight: 4.0 kgs.
Length: 960 mm.

Package Content:
-1 x Scooter.
-1 x Instructions Manual.
-1 x Certificate.

Vokul® VK-205 Portable Folding Adult Matte Black Bull Wheel Kick Scooter

Buy Now on Amazon.com

Buy for $149.99 brand new

Save 27% ($40.00) by purchasing on Amazon.com

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