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Pulse Safe Start Disney Princess Electric 3-Wheel Scooter

 Pulse Safe Start Disney Princess Electric 3-Wheel Scooter Buy Now on Amazon.com

Pulse Safe Start Disney Princess Electric 3-Wheel Scooter was listed on Amazon for $79.99, selling for $79.25 USD brand new. Manufactured by Bravo Sports. There are 22 units left brand new.

Some great features of this product include:

  • Safe Start: Minimal torque, smooth takeoff
  • Steering Limiter: Safe maneuverability
  • Wide Track: Improved stability and ride with traction Deck: Large deck for multiple foot stances
  • Low Stance: Low, stable center of gravity
  • Ages 3+ with speeds up to 1.75 mph max weight limit 50 lbs. with 40 Minutes ride time and 6 Volt system with 300+ charge cycles on an 8 Hour charge time

Pulse Safe Start Disney Princess Electric 3-Wheel Scooter Disney Princess Safe Start 3-Wheel Electric Scooter Now, young kids can learn all the essentials of how to ride on an electric scooter with their favorite licensed characters. Designed specifically for the needs of small riders, parents can rest assure that their little ones are safe as the new scooters have five safety features, specific dimensions to make the scooters extremely stable, and technology that allows kids to ride, regardless of experience. Large, Non-slip Deck SurfaceView larger Push Button AccelerationView larger Wide Wheelbase View larger Low Deck HeightView larger Character Graphics View larger Smooth Rolling Urethane WheelsView larger Safe Start scooters have built in mechanics that make them easy to control, ride and steer, and prevent riders from making quick turns and over-steering. In addition, Safe Start has a push button that gradually accelerates the scooter for a smooth and gradual take-off. Releasing the button allows it to smoothly decelerate to a safe stop. A Safe Start for Young Riders Steering limiter, Safe maneuverability. Young or inexperienced riders can easily steer the scooter, controlling the turns of the sidewalk or driveway while remaining safely balanced. With the steering limiter built in, riders won’t be able to make sharp turns or over-steer. Safe Start: Smooth, gradual take-off. there is no abrupt take off when starting the electric scooter, thanks to the innovative push button throttle. The push button gently starts the motor to reach a comfortable driving speed and slowly brakes with the release of the button. Wide track: Improved stability and improved ride. The stable three-wheel design with the wide front wheelbase keeps riders balanced, while the overall deck shape provides maximum stability with every turn so riders won’t tip over. Low stance: Stable, low center of gravity. The comfortable low deck height not only makes getting on and off the scooter safer for younger kids, but also makes it easier to ride and maneuver. Deck stability: Large deck for comfortable foot positioning. Young riders often prefer to stand facing forward with both feet together. The wide, generous deck accommodates that and many other foot positions. Also, our top grip surface provides a safe, non-slip foot bed to keep little feet from slipping off while riding.

Pulse Safe Start Disney Princess Electric 3-Wheel Scooter

Buy Now on Amazon.com

Buy for $79.25 brand new

Save 1% ($0.74) by purchasing on Amazon.com

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